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Website In A Weekend Live, from St Louis Missouri

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Ever been to St Louis? If not, you should consider it. The weather can be extreme what with the occasional hail, tornado, blizzard, heat wave, sub-zero temps, violent thunderstorm. Earthquake, even. But not all the time.

What St Louis has all the time is super friendly people.

I’m here for The Strange Loop, a conference attended by “creators and users of the languages, libraries, tools, and techniques at the forefront of the [software] industry”. Of little interest to Website In A Weekend readers (bofem) to be sure, but it’s definite value-add for the programmerati.

Since I missed booking a room in the conference hotel (Union Station Marriott), I’m writing this from the Marriott Residence Inn, about a mile up the road. Initially, I was bummed. The Union Station Marriott is “closer” to the conference action, and the Residence is perched out along the freeway, right next the UPS facility.

But it doesn’t matter one bit!

The Residence Inn staff is super friendly. The hotel operates a shuttle which runs from early morning until 10 pm, and dispatches immediately. The shuttle finds me faster than I can get a cab in Washington DC.

About right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I care?”

Check it out: for some strange reason, a couple of the people at the front desk know me as a blogger!

“How did you find this out?” you might ask.

I found out because when I stopped by the front desk to compliment the front desk folks on how great the shuttle is, one of them told me: “We found out you’re a blogger.”

How cool is that?

It could happen to you.

In some sense, blogging is sowing the wind with seeds. We’re not planting mighty oaks, the competition is far too fierce. We’re more like dandelions: write and write and write and write and hope the winds of the internet blows our words far and wide.


I’ve been working full time+ at the University of California, Berkeley since late March. It’s a great job, it keeps me pretty busy but it’s a lot of fun. I’ll be writing more here on Website In A Weekend in the future.

Who you are or what you write?

(Reading time: < 1 minute)

From the the New York Times, Alicia Shepard brings us Investigative Reporting Is Now Endangered.

Alicia notes:

But today, resource-intensive investigative reporting is in trouble. How could it not be? Advance Publications, which publishes The Times-Picayune in New Orleans and other papers, is laying off 600. The Detroit Free Press just announced it plans to “sizably reduce” its staff.

As bloggers, do we care?

Probably not.

As bloggers, we know that who you are is much, much more important than what you’re saying.

Your opinion on this (and mine) really doesn’t matter, this is how it works.