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News of the New – Another WIAW Week in Review

(Reading time: 6 – 10 minutes)

If you have something to do, go do that. Then come back later. Because I’m about to open up the firehose here… there is a lot of information packed in this week’s review.

Open wide.

Open wide.

Let’s get on with it.

We have a winner!

Smart bears recall I offered an editorial sweep through anyone’s choice of blog posts, given the best guess at word count. Well, Blake Waddill stepped with an estimate of 1950 words. Which is close enough for two reasons: 1. WordPress tells me the article is 2003 words, and 2. nobody else tried. (You miss all the shots you don’t take.) I’m going to throw an advance copy of my ebook too, just because Blake is a Tiesto fan.

Evolving towards sustainability…

I’ve been threatening to implement a membership system on Website In A Weekend for months. I even went so far as to join Yaro Starak’s Membership Mastermind program, and I purchased a Pro copy of Memberwing.

But I’ve been holding off.

Until now.

I spent most of today (that’s Sunday, November 8, 2009) slogging through a bunch of tedious WordPress file management and customization tasks, and wrote up a 9 point WordPress custom file management checklist for all you WordPress Do-It-Yourselfers. If you continually stumble over how to deal with file differences on different hosts, and you are intent on keeping your operational website fully backed up, this might be just the ticket. For newsletter subscribers only, and you can subscribe right over there to the right (or below, click on the “Weekender” link).

More! More! More!

You might want to get that cuppa now… some rich stuff coming up.

  • John E Kennedy’s Reason Why Advertising pages launches tomorrow, Saturday, November 14, 2009. Watch for it. It’s the whole book, in HTML, sectioned into WordPress pages along chapters, a free resource for reading and discussion.
  • Series I of the Website In A Weekend Whitepapers are “in press.” Watch for that launch on Wednesday, November 18, 2009. Weekenders and Insiders will be getting the details first.
  • The Woodblock 101. Can’t say much more than this, just watch for more information from Deacon as he wraps up his latest project. Our interests coincide as he’s using WordPress for his internet marketing website platform.
  • Have you written an article for Website In A Weekend? If so, find yourself on the Guest Authors page. If not, there’s still room for you, and we’d love to have you.

News from the New

Ever wonder how some people just seem to have that special touch? Effortless success seems to come naturally to them. You never see ‘em sweat. And they hit the ground running. Lemme tell ya… that’s not me! But I keep an eye on such folk. I learn from watching them. You can too. Here’s a few I’m currently watching.

Site Envy 101: Yeah, I admit it, I’m a fan of Site Sketch 101. I don’t have any idea who Nicholas Z. Cardot is, or where his years of experience are documented, but it doesn’t really matter. Anyone that can do it right the first time has serious talent, and Mr. Cardot is making base hit after base hit, lining up for some serious Grand Slams. I have no doubt he will be extremely successful. In fact, Nicholas is already successful measured by traffic growth. Head over to Site Sketch 101 and check it out.

Here’s another blog roaring out of the starting blocks. Vintage 1951, a brand new blog from Mr. Tom Mellor, proprietor and principal consultant of Identigrate UK. Vintage 1951 is off to an excellent start, landing on Google’s first page on a search for terms containing WordPress and mindmaps. Nice! Mr. Mellor is an IT professional, and advocate of the Microsoft OneNote product; check out his informative and well-written blog.

Jean-Baptiste Jung just jumped into the fray with Cats Who Blog. Ok, this isn’t Jean’s first go-’round in blogging, he also has Cats Who Code and WP-Recipes under his belt. Jean is a brilliant designer: Cats! Strawberries! Rainbows! (Talk about site envy.) As you can see, Jean’s experience has paid off for launching Cats Who Blog. Subscribe, of course.

What do you call a multinational, bilingual, corporate drop out blogger living in the Canary Islands who’s been at it a little over a year and is just killin’ it? Why, you call him Mike, and you find him over at Mike’s Life. Mike has it exactly right: Life can get better. And he’s proving. Check out Mike’s Life, he has a lot to offer.

New articles

Updated posts

Ricky Buchanan helped point out some deficiency in How To Fix FTP Connection Error on Localhost WordPress.
(I’m asked Ricky for a guest post on how she is using WordPress to manage her sites.)

Added a great link to an article in 7 Ways To Evaluate Blog Post Quality — Tuning your BS detector. These articles are complementary, read them both.

From the Archives!

Nothing from the WIAW Archives this week. No need. If you’re disappointed, leave a comment and Dr. WordPress will assign you some homework.


See above.

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  1. Turns out launching a product is tons of work. Who would have thought? Should have a solid offering by the end of this weekend though. Can’t wait to see your white papers launch, the preview you showed me was excellent!
    .-= Deacon´s last blog ..Harder Than Art =-.

  2. @Deacon – yeah, there’s a lot of moving parts involved. It’s definitely not “fire and forget.” I think this is part of why all the Big Gurus often launch on Tuesday. Monday they spend all day making sure everything works. After launching on Tuesday, they spend the rest of the week unscrewing everything that went FUBAR.
    .-= Dr WordPress!´s last blog ..My Eyeballs Are Bleeding – And How I Write Thousands of Words Every Week =-.

  3. How about that. The Series I of the WIAW Whitepapers are “in press” and are set to launch exactly on my birthday, hehe. Nice present I would say. Till then…
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Forget Making Money Online – It Sucks #2 =-.

  4. you should not envy sitesketch101 because your blog is doing great man. :D
    .-= Dana @ Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Google Fight Swine Flu =-.

  5. Nice little (cough) recap for the week Dave, you seem to do a really good job of updating your older posts and letting your readers know when you update them. Thats one thing I have never done, alert people once I update a post.

    As for the recap your Stereotypes post was my favorite this week :)
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Google Custom Search Now on Extreme John =-.

  6. @DiTesco – Well, then, come back for a birthday present!

    @Dana – Envy can be destructive, or inspirational. We make the choice!

    @EJ – Once someone gets into my crosshairs, I’m liable to keep shooting links their way.

    @Everybody Else – That’s a hint! I can’t keep track of who I owe what link/tweet/comment, so I don’t worry about it and just spew links to whoever’s convenient. Make yourself convenient. And these aren’t BS links either: full context, with enough copy to get people over your way.

    .-= Dr WordPress!´s last blog ..My Eyeballs Are Bleeding – And How I Write Thousands of Words Every Week =-.