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Website In A Weekend is 2 years old today, Sarah was there!

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Happy Birthday! Website In A Weekend is two years old today. And joining us for a guest post is Sarah, who was right there when it all happened.

Are you ready yet?

-by Sarah Kurhajetz

“You write in order to change the world…. The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.” -James Baldwin

I recently attended a seminar where the facilitator said, “Your comfort zone is here,” as he pointed inside the circle he had drawn to illustrate his point. “Your goal is here.” As you probably guessed, the goal he pointed to was outside the confines of the aforementioned comfort zone. Of course it is. It wouldn’t be a goal if it was within the comfort zone. Something that forces you to take actions you don’t want to take, but know you have to take to achieve what you want. Isn’t that the definition of a goal?

Since the day I met David Doolin, he has asked me to take actions that are outside of my comfort zone. (Don’t take that the wrong way. Everything he has ever asked me to do has been G-rated.)

For the most part, I have silently refused to do what he has asked or suggested that I do. He hasn’t called me on my silent refusal, but I know I’m not fooling him. It is just Dave’s way to give people the time and space they need to feel comfortable enough (or uncomfortable enough, as the case may be) to take their next step.

Although I haven’t always been a very willing student, Dave has always been a very patient and willing teacher. Once in a while he will gently remind me of the Buddhist Proverb, “When the student is ready, the master appears.” It’s his way of letting me know that when I’m ready for the lesson, he’s ready to teach.

A couple of weeks ago, Dave emailed me to invite me to write a guest blog post in honor of the 2nd Anniversary of Website in A Weekend ( He’s known for the past two years that I’ve wanted to create my own blog. Dave is actually the one who helped me set up my first (and at this point, only) WordPress blog. I’m ashamed to say that WordPress blog been sitting idle for two years waiting for me to introduce it (and me) to the world.

I wouldn’t go so far to say that my goal is to be a writer, but I would say that one of my goals is to write and it would be nice to have other people read what I write.

Once again, Dave has helped me to take an action that I’ve wanted to take, but have been too afraid to take the first step. In his gentle and subtle way, he has helped me to take the first step towards my goal of being someone who writes.

Thank you, Dave. The student is ready.

Sarah Kurhajetz is the self-proclaimed "Resource Diva." When she's not connecting the world one resource at a time, she's busy studying nutrition theories. She is passionate about helping others live a happy, healthy life. Visit Sarah on The Resource Diva to see how she can help you get happier and healthier.


  1. Big congrats, Dave! I still owe you an article.


  2. Congratulations. Two years is great. I know my son Bad Deacon follows you, and now so do I. Great help in navigating the roads of Blogistan.
    Hansi´s last post ..Dear Hansi

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to you and your website!

  4. Congrats Dave. I love your website and I hope to introduce myself to you soon at an EastBay Meetup.
    Greg Turner´s last post ..Have You Been Hacked

  5. Congratulations Dave!

    And well done Sarah. Good luck with your own blog; As soon as my internet at home decides to co-operate I’ll come by and visit. =)

  6. Congratulations Dave and well done Sarah for your guest post.

    Stepping out of my comfort zone is just where I’m at today, right now. It feels super uncomfortable but it’s the only way I’m going to get “real” about my work.

    Your post reminded me this is just where I need to be, and I’m going to sit with it…

    Thanks :-)

    Kate x
    Kate Bacon´s last post ..Digital Sabbatical – what I’ve learned being offline!

  7. Happy Birthday!! Congrats!

    What an inspirational post

    • Marcy, you have a gravatar now! Excellent!

      Yes, Sarah is very gentle and sweet, and hopefully one of these days she will open it all up and let everyone know her better.

  8. Happy B-Day to your blog Dave. Good for you for sticking with it and creating a high-quality site.

    Sarah, I agree that we have to stretch ourselves and experience some discomfort to achieve our big goals. Thanks for sharing your story.
    John Soares´s last post ..Why Publishers Should Pay a 50-Percent Royalty on E-Books

    • John, this is definitely a crowded space for producing quality. So much has been said, and so much of that, poorly. But getting it right is definitely opportunity, and worth spending the time.

  9. Happy B-day WIAW! Well done, Dave…It’s been a pleasure to know you and watch where you are taking this site :)

  10. Dave, you *really* aught to be proud of what you have put together over the last two years.

    To the next two years, onwards and upwards.
    Sean´s last post ..Christmas Happens

  11. Bert Padilla says:

    Congratulations, Dave… I know I missed lots of happenings here, but I’ll to catch up… You got there 2 years worth of quality articles and thanks for high-quality WP tips…


    • Bert! You missed it all! Just kidding, I’ve slowed down a bit over the last few months. There’s more going on behind the scenes than out front right now.

  12. Hi Dave,

    Congratulations on sticking with it and getting two years of great work into place. I’m looking forward to the next two years of insights; whether you are challenging our thinking or helpful us move forward on specifics.

    I’ve been sharing the same bench as Sarah for a long time too as I put my first WordPress blog up about 18 months ago and I’m just starting to write now. Time to read Blog Post Engineering again!



    • Steve, I bet you’re not the only person sitting with Sarah. Which gives me an idea…

      Once you get going, send me an email so I can check out your site.

  13. Checking in..

    Keep up the good work Dave, love your work.
    Josh Kohlbach´s last post ..Better Video Blogging For WordPress Using VideoJS

  14. Dave, congrats on the 2 years of hard work and results achieved!
    When I look at my site, I’m actually quite ashamed of how much (little) I did compared to WIAW, and we started basically the same day.
    But, as Sarah said, the master is there when the student is ready. :)
    Thank you both!
    Happy birthday WIAW and keep it up!
    Roberto´s last post ..Adding WordPress Google Maps

  15. Hi Dave,

    Congratulations on hitting the two year mark. I have three articles (a series) that I’ll email you within the next week for your perusal. If you want them, they’re yours, if not some other lucky blogger will get them. Remember, what happened when Decca records didn’t want the Beatles? ;)
    Gordie´s last post ..How To Write Powerful Goals For Personal Development

  16. Congratulations. You have been through a lot. You lost the horse for a time but brought him back. It is like the circle of life, although in your case it may be more of a spiral.
    Now what can we expect for year three. What is outside your comfort zone?
    Ralph@Retirement Lifestyle´s last post ..A Rif on You don’t know what you don’t know

  17. Gratz! You’ve gone where only 1% of bloggers have gone! Keep up the good work and let’s see how many more we can outlast, shall we?

    • Outlasting is something I plan on doing. It’s pretty easy, really, because maintaining a blog is very cheap. Once it’s up and running, why take it down?

      • Agreed! There’s only two foreseeable reasons why I would even stop: 1. something happens to me -or- 2. someone makes me a ridiculous offer for it.

  18. Cool beans Dave…and thanks. Nobody would believe it, but you’ve actually been quite helpful…

  19. Congratulations on the milestone Dave!

    Certainly been busy, I will give you that!
    Take care mate :)
    Alex´s last post ..What’s The Stupidest Thing You’ve Thinked Online